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DivaTrim Fuel Paradise Punch

12.8 oz (0.8 lb)




DivaTrim?FUEL represents the most advanced fat shredding, pre-workout in its class. This remarkable formulation dramatically increases your stamina, strength and energy output, while sharpening your cognitive functions to help you achieve maximum results from your training program. The powerful rush rendered by FUEL is the result of scientifically formulated ingredients, including a potent energy and endurance matrix along with a proven B-complex that are designed to effectively intensify your workouts. Increased endurance, enhanced fat burning support and impressive muscle pumps are the other hallmarks of this performance leader. An effective pre-workout product is essential to achieving the ultimate physical transformation every athlete desires. GET BIG & LEAN WITH DivaTrim?FUEL??/p>


  • Fat Burning Complex
  • Energy & Focus
  • Pump Volumizer
  • Performance
  • Endurance

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