Divatrim Power Girl

Divatrim Power Girl


  • Support Athletic Performance
  • Promote Lean Muscle
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • BCAAs
  • Glutamine
  • Electrolytes
This stack covers every possible angle for the woman who loves a physical challenge, either in the gym, on the trail or any sporting endeavor. The Power Girl stack starts with Fuel. This potent pre-workout blows past the barriers to get you focused and energized to ensure optimum results. Take Fuel five to ten minutes before your training session or other athletic endeavor. Intra-Post Hydration can be taken with Fuel for added nutritional power, including key electrolytes. It can also be taken after your workout, with Iso:Lean to help curb catabolism (muscle breakdown). Iso:Lean is also perfect for consumption any time of the day you need a dose of premium quality protein. With meals or in between meals, Iso:Lean delivers. To help enhance the weight-loss feature of this stack, CLA+L-Carnitine can be taken with Iso:Lean or separately right before or during meals. It’s unique body repartitioning benefits make it a key supplement to the equation. And finally, Slimmer provides the body toning and cleansing aspect. Take Slimmer in between meals, or on an empty stomach, according to its Directions for Use. It can also be taken with Iso:Lean at those times. Be sure to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day as well. PLEASE READ DIRECTIONS FOR USE FOR EACH PRODUCT BEFORE TAKING.

Divatrim Iso:Lean 100% Whey Isolate Protein

Divatrim Slimmer

Divatrim CLA + L-Carnitine

DivaTrim Fuel Paradise Punch

Divatrim Intra/Post Hydration

A Finer Focus on Fat Loss

Your beautiful, vital, healthy body needs every ounce of muscle it can build and maintain to mobilize fat loss and keep you looking and feeling your best. The abundance of precision-targeted nutritional and performance-enhancing co-factors provided in DivaTrim's power trio of Fuel, Intra/Post Hydration and Iso:Lean 100% Whey Isolate supplements (as found in our Fit & Firm trio) address every aspect of workout preparation and performance, while emphasizing post-workout muscle repair and recovery.

For those of you who would like to further accent the positive, the DivaTrim Power Girl supplement combination adds two more transformational agents to the equation. DivaTrim's Slimmer offers a unique cleanser and toner blend that will enhance nutrient absorption to support your fat-loss efforts. DivaTrim's CLA + L-Carnitine combines the body repartitioning capacity of conjugated linoleum acid with the energy-support power of L-Carnitine. Take your fat-loss efforts to the next level with DivaTrim's Power Girl!



  • Super-premium whey isolate for post-workout muscle recovery
  • Potent matrix of energy and endurance co-factors
  • Free-form essential aminos for muscle repair and growth
  • Natural cleanse and detox blend of herbal extracts
  • Added fat-loss and energy support via CLA and L-Carnitine

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