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Divatrim Slim & Trim

16.0 oz (1.0 lb)



Balanced Natural Fat Loss and Cleansing

Sometimes the smoother, slower, revitalizing path to fat-loss is the right path for you. It's amazing what simply detoxifying and cleansing your digestive organs can do to help you look and feel so much better while also helping you better absorb the nutrients that will support your fat-loss efforts. At the same time, a unique body repartitioning agent may be just what you needed to support muscle and trim excess fat.

The DivaTrim Slim & Trim duo is a natural alternative to high-powered, turbo-charged fat-loss formulations. DivaTrim's Slimmer offers a unique cleanser and toner blend that will help you detoxify and enhance digestive function. both crucial to your fat-loss efforts. DivaTrim's CLA + L-Carnitine combines the body repartitioning capacity of conjugated linoleum acid with the energy-support power of L-Carnitine.



  • Perfect for stimulant-averse fitness-conscious women
  • Free your body of accumulated toxins and waste
  • Natural blend of herbal extracts
  • Added fat-loss and energy support via CLA and L-Carnitine

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